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Re: Kotegaishi weakness?

Larry Camejo wrote:
Back to kotegaeshi and kuzushi - I've encountered schools where the kotegaeshi starts with the normal forward kuzushi bringing Uke off balance forward to one side, and the twist is done taking the arm back towards the shoulder of Uke and past it to effect the throw, so his hand goes back in the direction from which his body just came, along the same line. Seagal did this in his "Aikido demo" at the beginning of Nico. Imo when one brings the wrist back towards and in line with the shoulder of Uke he infact negates the effect of the kuzushi that takes Uke off balance while moving forward. During the interval when the wrist is taken back towards Uke's shoulder and body Tori actually restores Uke's posture after having broken it a split second earlier. At this point Uke can effectively negate the technique by tai sabaki or muscular tension.

What do you folks think? The way we do it is to constantly move our body in the direction of the kuzushi while twisting the wrist, so the effect of the wrist twist on Uke's body is maintained but Uke is not restored to balance in the midst of it by Tori.

I don't know about the film example you give but
any technique form where that is allowed to happen is a mistake.
Koichi Tohei Sensei has been very clear about that.

like you, that is a very clear expectation in our practice.

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