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Originally posted by lt-rentaroo
What about Sensei Mary Heiney (sp)? I thought Sensei Heiney was ranked 5th or 6th Dan.
Heiny sensei is, indeed, 6th dan.

Lee Ah Loi sensei who is mentioned on Ubaldo's list is 7th dan and is a woman.

Other high ranking female aikido people who come readily to mind include Lorraine DiAnne sensei (6th dan, Westside Aikido), Pat Hendricks sensei (6th dan, Aikido of San Leandro), Bernice Tom sensei (6th dan, Sunset Cliffs Aikido), Patty Saotome sensei (6th dan, ASU), Wendy Whited sensei (6th dan, Inaka Dojo), Linday Holiday sensei (5th dan, North Bay Aikido), Yoko Okamoto (5th dan, Portland Aikikai), Wendy Palmer sensei (5th dan, Aikido of Tamalpais), Danielle Evans sensei (5th dan, Aikido of Monterey), and Kayla Feder sensei (5th dan, Aikido of Berkeley).

There are plenty of other 5th dan and higher female aikido folks around, of course. The above were the names of people who came readily into my mind...

-- Jun

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