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Patrick O'Regan
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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Christianity and Aikido have nothing in common.

I mean Christianity was founded by a truly exceptional man who had a unique understanding of the world. He gathered a select group of people around him to whom he taught the true meaning of his message.

After the Founder left the world this initial group traveled the world trying to teach the message. Each had a relatively personal interpretation of the core message. After some time some followers became less certain that the teachings of Mother Church were the "true teaching" and they broke away and taught what they thought was the true way. Following this their were many more spits and differing perspectives.

Each group believe their version of Christianity is the only way and all others, although kind of on the right track, have lost the true massage as taught by the founder. Sadly we only have obscure and contradictory writings to go by.

Most of us just turn up to Church when we can, do the best we can and try to make sense of it all!!!

(Disclaimer: My intent is not to compare Christ with Osensei or John Lennon.)


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