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Re: Kotegaishi weakness?

Peter Rehse wrote:

I've taken serious ouch from many Aikido teachers in Japan some with serious experience and rank - not only in my style but several others. I really would hesitate to say that they are 'a mish mash'.....

Pain exists - It can be easily realised through aikido but my view is it is not necessary. Of course used carefully it can help explain the 'practical' application of theoretical practice but if you have to rely on pain alone you are not practicing aikido.

I have no problem discussing practice with anyone . If they are able to convince me of the reasoning for the pain then fine.

I will not allow accept high ranking as reason for poor practice. I have too much respect for the teachings that I have received to ignore the alarm bells that go off when I hear or see such things.

If someone puts said mish mash in front of me I will give my views when appropriate.

If you categorise your previous instruction as such thats your choice. To me you are twisting my words to suggest a slight to your high ranking friends. Never my intention.

To refocuss on this thread I stand my view that pain is not key to kotagaeshi but the blending of movement to draw uke form his centred position into Toris centred position is.


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