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Re: Kotegaishi weakness?

Rob Cunningham wrote:
I found that, so long as you stay extended and calm, instead of trying to force the wrist over, no amount of wrist locking can stop the technique. In fact, the uke reported to me that the wrist locking only made the technique more painful, making them all the more willing to lay down on the mat. That was when we decided to stop our experiment.
Hmm - my experience is completely opposite. Of course resistance is a skill in it's own right. I will say clearly that Kotegaeshi against a resisting (equally matched in size and strength) opponent is damm near impossible without something else (such as kuzushi) coming into play.

I also find myself agreeing with Rupert's point - at least the way I interpreted it.

Most Aikido techniques do not rely on pain compliance and it is possible to train without pain.

Most Aikido techniques can and do have a pain component which may or may not be applied at any one time - pure Aikido (whatever that is) does not exclude them. I think it is a mistake to rely on pain compliance but it is a nice option to have. I also think you have to make some effort to understand the hard training that Ueshiba M. went through before you can understand where he wanted his Aikido to go in his latter years.

I've taken serious ouch from many Aikido teachers in Japan some with serious experience and rank - not only in my style but several others. I really would hesitate to say that they are

mish mash of ju jitsu, fighting and whatever being passed off as Aikido then

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