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I practice in an Aikikai dojo, and I can tell you that at least in our dojo, we do talk about using and developing ki, we just don't train for the specific stated purpose of developing ki. We train in aikido in order to improve ourselves as human beings. From what I understand, part of this process over time leads to among other things, the development and awareness of ki, mind/body unification, martial ability, awareness, physical and mental fitness, etc. (I understand these things aren't independent from each other). I know very little about ki-aikido, but my best understanding of the differences between the two styles is mainly that in ki-aikido, one of the primary goals is the direct development of ki through various specific exercies and aikido techniques, whereas in the Aikikai, the development of ki happens as more of an indirect result of the practice of aikido over time. Anyway, that's my two cents worth. IMHO
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