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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Wow- what a bomb!

Aikido ( in my humble opinion) and Christian (and Buddhist and Hindu) ideals are very similar- LOVE and respect for humankind.
The concept of chi & ki as being a satanic power- well...
Does today's Christian call the pograms & burning of Jews and Protestants and women and men who were ID'd as "witches or warlocks" satanic ?
Getting involved into lengthy dialog over what is in the Bible (or any other religeous text) and what is or is not considered satanic should be exclusive from the practice of Aikido/AIKI-JUTSU

I believe that in the absence of a spiritual framework, I.E. a love/compassion for humankind (warts and all) what we do, is just aiki jutsu. We are just doing technique.

I believe that AIKIDO is a COMPASSION for our fellow humans, the loss of human life is a tragedy, and sometimes we do have to use our AIKI-JUTSU in order to preserve our lives and maybe the lives of our fellow humans- than it becomes AIKIDO
Lets talk about chi / ki, for a moment. I'm no expert and my ukemi really sucks- I fall like a sack of potato's. Look at the European knights and renaissance sword masters and their techniques, What these masters did wasn't all that dissimilar from some of the tachi waza i have been trying to learn. Maybe the Europeans didn't call it chi or ki, but if you arn't firmly grounded and centered when you are jousting or engaged in longsword or mace combat, you are toast.

There is a Venetian sword DISARMING technique that looks a lot like Irinmi-nage, in order to be able to disarm someone with a sword, you have to have good chi/ki centered, and grounded and focused..
So, do we now say that all Asian MA is evil and European MA is "GOOD", I wouldn't, , no more that calling handguns evil or good. It's the use the "weapon" is put to.Frankly, most if not all of the attrocities done during the crusades and inquisition were done in the name of the church.

FOCUS, concentration, being centered and grounded is no different in any of the classic European art forms as it is in any other martial form, be it Asian or martian.

The comment that ki is evil or satanic, has no more validity than some mullah saying George Bush is the great Satan.
Martial art is neither "good or bad", it all exists in the mind/soul of the user. The Christian BILLY BOB minister (or whatever) who attempts to try to dictate to one of his followers that meditation or KI is evil, is actually committing an evil act by forcing some impressionable person into his own belief set.
Religious intolerance is EVIL. Ignorance is EVIL
By way of illustration to what I'm saying- A friend recently sent me an email on the democratic verses Republican response to a knife wielding attacker.
as a way of humor the democrat would respond by asking why is the poor man attacking what have I done wrong to upset himetcetc, the Republican answer was to pull out a gun and shoot a tightly formed group of 3 double taps(bangbang, bangbang, bangbang)
I wrote back that my AIKI response was wait till he attacks, and than throw him a heaping dose of kotegaeshi. I would hope that Osensei would approve.

THIS IS JUST MY humble opinion.
management is not responsible for these opinions aired,
close cover before striking.
Bruce Hammell
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