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Talking Always glad to see another Drew 8)


This is Drew! If you are Drew Carey or Dr. Drew from Loveline let me know soon, I'm a big fan of the both of ya's.

At any rate, I've found that I get the most stress relief out of executing pinning techniques. This especially "holds true" 8) for ikkyo, nikkyo and sankyo. The shihonage pin can be quite fun also.

It is important to remember that every partner you train with will have a different pain threshold, so you must learn this and never cross that line. We live by a higher level of trust in the dojo (and ideally outside as well), and I feel that it is this trust which helps make the dojo a true sanctuary; a place for relaxed, alert comfort. Once I can feel relaxed, alert comfort almost always both inside and outside the dojo, I'll know I've reached nirvana/satori/enlightenment/heaven/etc...
Take care,

-- The better looking Drew --

hara-kiri for the fear-mongers,
sushi-waza for the peace-makers.

--The great dream shared among my friends--

--Please see [u]Aikido and the Harmony of Nature[u] [i]illustration:[i] p. 125. Mitsugi-san, I taught you aikido in my former life, and no
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