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Re: Kotegaishi weakness?

Other peoples' experience may well be different, but I'm not big or strong, and I would much rather gamble on my ability to unbalance one of my big, strong classmates than my ability to control him with pain or break his wrist. I practice with one guy, six inches taller and maybe a hundred pounds heavier than me, and with very nice, flexible, strong joints. I can take him down pretty consistently with koteoroshi, but heaven help me if I had to actually cause him pain to do it--it takes a *lot* to cause this guy pain. Surely it can be done, but for me unbalancing is a much better bet. That's why I didn't study a harder art in the first place (well, that and a personal dislike of pain).

Some of our 8-12 year olds are quite impressive with koteoroshi: if I try to abuse my higher rank and larger size, they show off their greater skill and slam me. "Well, I've been training for six years," as the ten-year-old said to me yesterday while I picked myself up again.

Mary Kaye
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