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Re: Purists probably won't like this but ...

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
2 You also, in my opinion, need to be able to use your body against their wrist in such a way that you can FORCE uke down regardless. Uke has one way out - to fall down away from the PAIN. Otherwise, their wrist will BREAK. It breaks not because you forced it, but because they refused to fall.
I disagree. The kotegaeshi that will produce a wrist break is just one of the various versions as shown by the many posts above. From personal experience training with life long practitioners of Aikido and also some extremely strong and large non-Aikido people (I train a group of club security folks in which the average size in the class is about 260 or so) I can tell you that this is not the one that you want to rely on in a violent sitution.

If you have a highly pain resistant subject he will not go down and you can break his wrist which will have no effect on him and he will keep coming with the other tools he has available. I much prefer a version which will break the subject's balance without worrying about pain or wrist injury. If it is a full out combat situation I can follow up the kotegaeshi with an elbow break using my shin and execute a kick to the subject's head which he can't stop as you control his arm. But a balance break will take priority over a wrist break any day in my book.

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