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Re: Shoulder pain in break falls

Anne Marie,

Forgive me if i came across too opinionated. I will not argue with your success! If weight training is working for you that is terriffic. I also hear you saying that 'balanced tension' makes for a stable joint and there i agree completely. If i were truly expert i wouldn't have a crutch for an avatar.

Rolfing is a physical therapy developed by Dr. Ida Rolf. She was a biochemist and noted that connective tissue in fetuses develops into muscle, bone, and well - connective tissue. This allowed her to treat 'chronic' physical deformities with intelligently applied pressure. She taught that stretching the tissue allowed it to take on its natural shape. i have always believed the therapy is more concerned with the nervous system; but that's my opinion. i just bought a book on chi kung, which claims to aid muscle and nervous system at the same time, by developing 'internal strength', which i think we can call 'ki'.

(i hope jun doesn't kick us for highjacking this thread)

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