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Re: Hakama FAQ

We wear hakama only at dan ranks, except that the person teaching a class, no matter what their rank, is expected to wear one. I had the pleasure of being the only student present when a first-kyu friend of mine arrived for his very first class as instructor. He had a look of terror on his face. "Do you know how to tie this thing?" Of course I didn't, being far too junior. We eventually got him sort of knotted into it, and it did stay on through the class, but I'm not sure how....

One bit of revenge you can get is taking the hakama off and handing it to your junior. Another first-kyu did this to me at an outdoors kids' demo. "Here, Mary, you fold this while I talk to people." I quickly collected a crowd of parents and other onlookers saying helpful things like "That must be very tricky" and "Gosh, look at all the little pleats!" and it took me three tries to fold the darned thing.

Mary Kaye
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