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Dario Rosati
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Re: Aikido and being Christian

As agnostic, I don't get why religions pursue the labeling of things with intrinsecal good or evil characteristics.
Things (in the widest meaning of the word) are nothing but tools... Aikido, Ki and almost everything are nothing but tools.
They are good or are evil in relation to what use you make of them, that's all.
As someone pointed out, the words in the bible itself can be bent from the wisest to the most idiotic and distorted point of view, depending on WHO's reading/interpreting them.
No wonder: the bible and the word of jesus are tools themselves, no more no less... the benefits you may gain from their use strictly depend on which use you do of them.
Can they be evil? Sure, if you use them in the improper way.... the whole history oozes examples of this kind, for every possible religion.

I think that "Ki is what you make of it", just like almost anything else. Ki is no different from stuff like charisma or sexuality: you cannot definitely say WHAT they are, but you perceive them... you can only define their ethical nature after their use or manifestation.
And both charisma and sexuality can be used in a very good or very evil way.

You find the next example...


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