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Re: Shoulder pain in break falls

Anne Marie,

I offer it as an alternative to 'medical fact'. The thought was first expressed to me by a certified rolfer.
Also, in China 'medical fact' would be stated entirely differently than what you stated. Why would tight ligaments make for a more stable joint? My shoulders used to come out of joint often - not fun.
I was told by my chief (hospital corpsman) in the navy that if my shoulders kept coming out i would have to have them sliced open and 'wrapped', thereby tightening the ligaments. i talked to people who had had the surgery and they confirmed that their arms stayed in joint, and hurt much of the time, and were stiff. I continued rolfing therapy and now that my upper spine is free to move again - my shoulders stay in joint. thus, greater freedom of movement in my spine, not tighter ligaments around the joint made me healthier.

i can only offer personal testimony, but my experience runs opposite to what you call 'medical fact'.

and i offer it here to help, not just to disagree

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