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Jordan Steele
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Re: Opinions and thoughts please...

This is unrelated to my oringinal post so don't let it interfere, but this message is directed towards Anne Marie Giri. Personally I don't consider 5.5 years of training to be a "beginners" level of skill and I am not a beginner in the martial arts world. I ask questions such as these all the time because I enjoy learning. I am aware that I don't know it all and never will, but that's better that thinking I do know it all and always will. Also my ukemi skills far exceed that of most Aikido practitioners and I don't ever stiffen up because I am actually aware of the inherent dangers in doing so. In addition, even "at my (low) level of skill" I don't just give up my balance and fall and I have never trained that way Furthermore, I am aware of reversals and counters to throws, even after only 5.5 years, and yes, I actually get to train with the big boys when they do that. I'm even allowed to do randori and yes I can brush my own teeth as well...and wipe my ass.
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