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Jordan Steele
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Re: Opinions and thoughts please...

Once again thank you for the responses, but I'm still not totally clear on a few things. In regards to ukemi, I'm not going to be modest, I'm one of the best ukes you'll find anywhere and I know it. I love Aikido and don't doubt it's effectiveness at all, but having said that I still have questions about WHY we do things a certain way. I know that if someone shoved me hard from behind unexpectedly I would take a forward roll to avoid having my face planted into the pavement. I know if someone turned my wrist over, I would take ukemi and recover as fast as possible. I know why we learn ukemi for the purposes of training, but what I don't know is how can training the body to accept imbalance be a good thing if, outside of the dojo, a person attempts to throw you. I live by the fact that no matter what my skill level is, there is always someone equal or better than me. Assuming I get thrown by someone that has better technique than I do, chances are kaeshi waza is not possible and I will end up on the ground (not a good place). So why would I allow myself to accept imbalance knowing that the outcome will not be good. Wouldn't it be better to "fight" as opposed to roll with it. So to sum it all up, I know why we learn ukemi, I am good at ukemi, I know the benefits of ukemi, but I'm looking for ukemi responses from this post. I would like to know why we train to accept being unbalanced know that the outcome will be undesirable. Thanks again.
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