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Re: Opinions and thoughts please...

But you are striving to keep your balance as uke. Where I train, as uke we don't strive for our balance to be taken, we still strive to keep it. My sensei always teaches that the uke is continually attacking, protecting their center, and trying to regain their balance in hopes that they might be able to counter nage. What I think is different is the way we strive to keep it and that might be what is confusing you. We don't lock up our joints and stiffen up our muscles to keep our balance rather we bend, flex our bodies, and blend with the technique.

Also, since you're a beginner I can see how you think we are just giving up our balance as that is usually the more appropriate way to learn proper ukemi at your level of skill. It's not just for safety but also for preparation for more advanced training. As your ukemi skills advance you'll begin to discover how you can counter or reverse your partners.

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