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Re: Opinions and thoughts please...

Not sure I can completely picture what you are talking about when you describe "training to be unbalanced. I am working with my Army Battalion with their Army Combatives program (BJJ for most part). I am telling guys to relax and go with the attack when they are grappling, don't fight it. They waste alot of energy trying to fight for what they already lost.

Giving into the attack is not untactical. It is admitting what has already been lost or unbalanced to use your term. You give that piece up a little and work for another area that your opponent is not fighting for. Usually when I give up a little the attacker becomes off balanced and I can work it to my advantage.

Another example is striking. Nothing wrong necessarily with gettting hit, i let people hit me hard all the time, I just don't stand there and brace, I give into the hit and let my body and movement dissipate the force. (I also choose where I let them hit me, hard to dissipate a hit to the face!).

I love kokyu tanden ho cause it helps you really understand the give and take relationship with uke.
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