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Re: Opinions and thoughts please...

Jordan Steele wrote:
I'll get straight to the point though. My muscles have been trained to move with someone elses force whether I'm nage or uke so if someone tried to throw me in a fight, I would most likely allow this to happen, WHY DO WE TRAIN TO BE UNBALANCED?
If you go with someone else force, you don't need to be stronger then him to control him, do you? Idea is not to fight AGAINST. Letting go is not equal to be unbalanced. That is exactly point of aikido training. Natural reaction is to stop a throw. That is what thrower expects. So your reaction LET GO will create un opening in his mind(surprise)so you will take take his balance with no effort at all. Almost automaticly. You create kind of illusion and you use it for you advantage.

Of course after LET GO there is a follow up, I mean you must feel a point in execution og technique as uke, where you can take controle and become tori. Then your partner do the in the end, there no clearly establish roles as attacker and defender.
It leads to many higher level kind of training, like couters, and throws without locks that based only on non physical part of aikido(timing, surprise, absorbing, breaking distans...etc)


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