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Jordan Steele
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Re: Opinions and thoughts please...

Thanks for the responses, a number of the posts mentioned things that haven't crossed my mind before but my original intention of the post was trying to dig a litttle deeper. I wasn't just concerned about imbalance and how I felt I could stop the throw, but more concerned as to why we train to be unbalanced. For example, if I happened to be involved in an altercation outside of the dojo and an attacker tried to throw me, my "trained" instict would be to allow this off balancing and move with the throw. My "natural" instinct would be to immediately drop my center and resist the throw. I know ukemi doesn't just teach falling, it teaches a way of moving in general that can potenetially save your life. I'll get straight to the point though. My muscles have been trained to move with someone elses force whether I'm nage or uke so if someone tried to throw me in a fight, I would most likely allow this to happen, WHY DO WE TRAIN TO BE UNBALANCED?
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