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Re: Opinions and thoughts please...

Dear Jordan,

Here is my 2 cents thought...

In all other martial arts I've trained becoming off-balanced is a big no-no and should be avoided at all cost

This is because all other martial art is not aikido. Isn't it the peculiarity of aikido give it is uniqueness?

In my last few classes I have been aware of the fact that during any technique if I wanted to regain my balance and not allow nage to throw me, I could and that's not because they have poor technique, it's because mentally I made a decision not to let this person throw me onto the ground.
My own observation: You have the neck, the wrist, the ankle, the knee and various other part of anatomy where aikido techniques are aimed at. Assuming you drop your weight, clench your fist, lock your wrist and elbow. Can you also in the same moment in time lock your neck, your ankle? We human has only one brain and we can only focus on one thing at a time. If you lock any of the above anatomy, simple, go for the other parts. As a shite, be relaxed and feel your opponent, touch him/her, once you found the weakness, apply the technique.

Maybe I could be humbled by someone out there because I honestly think when an average person senses imbalance, they will react in a way to try and regain balance and if they have any sense of self-preservation they will resist you from the beginning.
You are right with the self-preservation thing, and it is this natural reactive mechanism that an aikidoka should strive to exploit to his/her advantage. train hard and you will see. I have.

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