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Re: Opinions and thoughts please... interesting comment.

In my experience (and they way I've been taught) is that uke's role is to continuously be trying to regain balance in a fashion that's controlled or set by shite. The idea being that each part of a technique could be the "final" movement, unless uke moves into the natural place for them to regain their balance. This "natural" place is a result of what shite has just done. When uke attempts to regain their balance by moving there then you do the next part...and so on...until it gets to the point where there is a pin or a throw which is the finish of this combined set of movements that make up the technique.

Along the same lines when people say there is no attack in Aikido I would have to disagree because by giving an opening, punching someone in the head or even calling them names are all actions meant to elicit a reaction...which goes back into the controlling of the next movement and so on and so on until they are aiki-ily transformed into a small puddle on the floor.

As for training...learning the feeling of off-balance and how to recover from it as uke is what helps you learn to control that feeling in your uke when you are shite.

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