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Re: Opinions and thoughts please...

Jordan Steele wrote:
In my last few classes I have been aware of the fact that during any technique if I wanted to regain my balance and not allow nage to throw me, I could and that's not because they have poor technique, it's because mentally I made a decision not to let this person throw me onto the ground.
Depends that kind of aikido you practice.

In one moment of you life a dojo with few beginners and one or two black belt is not challenge anymore. I'd like to suggest you to make a trip to any shihan dojo. Then you can make any decision you want, just remember, you have big part of responsability of your safety in the very next second.

I'm not talking here about KO after atemi, but i.e.: if technique contains a throw with an arm lock, and lock is maitained all the way down until you tap out, the fact that you drop down your center make your arm broken. But this is only way to learn why aikido is art non-resistance


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