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Re: Aikido And the military.

I have been in the AF 13 years and been practicing for 14 years. Every base I go to I find Aikido somewhere. I know of many other AF folks that practice Aikido somewhere in the world, although my list is outdated. I too trained in Okinawa, when were you there? Did we overlap? If you are looking for an assignment that would help you continue training in aikido anything in the DC area (i.e the dreaded staff job), Wright-Patt (where I currently train), Maxwell (Greg is a wonderful teacher and has a great thing going down there), Hanscom, LA Air Station, Dover, Pete Field or the Academy, Kadena, Yokota, Misawa (of course). Belgium, Germany and England all have dojo's within a 1 hour drive of the various US Military installations. Florida has many places to practice, but Tyndall is near none of them. Hurlburt and Eglin are closer, but it is still a drive. Keelser has a few options and Robins in closer to a few dojos as well.
What is your AFSC? What kind of job do you want and are you willing to career broaden? Keep in touch and maybe all of us AF/Military Aikido folks can meet someday.

Train Hard
Mike Callender

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Train Hard
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