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Niamh Marie O'Leary-Liu
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Re: Aikido With A Dog

One time my sensei was at my house and was zoning out on the couch in front of a "Walker, Texas Ranger" re-run. I have a very friendly little pug, who figured sensei's lap would be a secure and comfortable spot for a nap. While sensei was distracted with some Chuck Norris stunts on TV, my dog snuck up on him and then leaped up quite suddenly onto the couch right next to him. Sensei's reflex was to perform some kind of combo block/kaitennage (too fast for my untrained eye to discern). Poor little pup went sailing across the room. She bounced out of it just fine, though she learned never to sneak up on a sensei. Sensei felt pretty bad about it afterwards and tried to make it up to her with treats but she kept proper ma-ai for a while after that!
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