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Re: Poll: Is enduring physical pain necessary in getting better at aikido?

Aah, Craig & Ruth, you can tell educashunal backgrounds like - my nitpick was on how pain is transmitted (engineer) which doesn't change person to person. Their receptiveness and translation of the signals involved - a different matter (and Ruth, changing perception through drugs in an argument is just plain cheating).

Pain = barrier: I'd have to disagree with your example (if I'm reading you right) as the type of pain you're mentioning is continuous rather than a barrier through pain from a specific technique? I have my own set of "always hurty" bits (due to non-aikido related injuries he hastily adds) and with this type of pain you either learn to ignore for a particular physical activity or you no longer do that activity. Again, can't see the latter type of person doing many types of physical activity, rather than ma specific.

Agree on beer!
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