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Re: Poll: Is enduring physical pain necessary in getting better at aikido?

Ian Hurst wrote:
nitpick time again - everyone experiences pain the same, it's how you react that differs.
Not really. It's down to how many chemical pain messages get through to your brain, and this can be altered, otherwise a large number of "recreational" drugs wouldn't be so popular.. People's natural pain perception really does vary between individuals. (/counter-nitpick)

Ian Hurst wrote:
Ruth, can you give me an example of pain=barrier?
Yes. Any time you are attempting to engage in any activity / learning exercise and all you can think of is how much your back / wrist / knee / head is hurting! You certainly won't be taking much else on board.

Ian Hurst wrote:
(mental pain - isn't that the true reason behind beer waza?)
Yep. And, to a certain extent, physical pain

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