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Re: Aikido And the military.


First, allow me to welcome you to Aikiweb! Second, I'm currently on active duty in the USAF also. Like you, I move around quite a bit. In fact, every three years the AF finds me a new home. Sometimes I have some say in the matter, other times not. Of the six USAF bases I've been assigned to/TDY at, only two had an Aikido dojo within 50 miles of the base. I've found the Dojo Search feature on this site very helpful for locating dojo while TDY or after learning of a new USAF directed future home.

My advice to you, use the Dojo Search feature on this site before filling out your Base Preference/Dream Sheet type paperwork! OK, maybe that's not the best advice for career progression.

I'm stationed at VAFB right now, two more years and I'll probably head back up to the frozen white north. Thank you for serving, best of luck and train well.

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