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Smile Aikido And the military.

I am a member of the United States Air Force. And during a recent deployment to Iraq I was introduced to Some different forms of martial arts. I enjoyed learning a few techniques of both Judo & Kajukenbo. But I wanted something else. So I began to look for Style that better fit my needs and personality. I'm sure a thousand people have said that steven seagal was the reason they learned about Aikido, Well I guess I'm # 1001. Ever sense I was a kid my dad and I watched action movies, Chuck Norris, Bronson, & Seagal.
I always liked his style, But I never knew what it was. After some research on the internet I found that style was Aikido with some variations. And uppon reading more into what Aikido is. I realized I found a style I would like to learn.

What does all this have to do with me and the military?

Being in the military I move around alot, So I was wondering if there would be a dojo in most of the locations I may be stationed. So If you are in the military also or live around an Air Force base, Could you please reply and let me know where you live.
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