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Chuck Clark
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Re: Article: Transmission in Aikido by George S. Ledyard

Hi George,

I just re-read this article again after reading it the first day it was available. The points you make, as usual, are right on the mark.

As budo practice takes root more deeply in modern culture it's important that the transmission of the ura does happen and then manifest the essence of the inner values appropriately in our modern culture. We can not just do the "techniques" efficiently and reach the full flower of budo. As you say, we can take part in a true "master/apprentice" relationship with someone that has IT or we can search out several teachers that may have bits of IT because the student/searcher also has the seeds of IT in themself and will not abandon the search and the process. Both ways work and probably, in truth, are the same thing at some point. The important thing is that IT gets transmitted.

Each of us must do our best in our own way and be patient because it takes a long time for the seeds to become native instead of imported. The history of the spread of Buddhisim is a good example.

Thanks for your article, you show your heart, as usual.

Chuck Clark
Jiyushinkai Aikibudo
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