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Re: Kotegaishi weakness?

Darin Hyde wrote:
When you do irimi senkai turn your body into uke's elbow. If you do it right you will cause enough pain to relax the wrist. Also when uke's balance is broken (he only has one foot on the ground) quickly turn back and apply the throw. Its almost impossible for anyone to resist kotegaeshi if they are off balance.
I've experienced what Darin speaks about here when we do competition style tanto randorigeiko (resistance and counters). Because of the intensity, quickness of the attacks and immediate resistance when one is touched, one often resorts to shortened movements in an attempt to get off technique, such as trying to apply kotegaeshi without getting a good kuzushi first.

However, even if one gets the arm and does not get an immediate kuzushi as Tanto (the person holding the knife) drops weight and resists, the technique still works as long as one does the proper turning motion as Darin indicated to get the kuzushi, even after the attacker has stopped moving forward after the initial tanto thrust and started resisting. In this case application of the "correct" kata form (i.e. longer movements etc.) goes a long way towards making the technique effective in resistance based freeplay.

Just my thoughts, goes back to my focus on effective kuzushi facilitating effective technique, even when things get static.

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