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Re: Kotegaishi weakness?

Michael Ellefson wrote:
To add to my earlier stuff....
I teach both kote gaeshi and kote oroshi as part of the same. If someone locks their wrist one way they are susceptible to the other and vice versa.
I think the best in both cases have the slack out and provide a good lead that drops at the end (if you look at old films of a young Tohei performing kotegaeshi you clearly see the twisting locks up the arm by taking the slack out of the forearm and the finish of the throw is a drop). When I have taken ukemi for someone who knows really what they are doing with kotegaeshi it feels quite natural to follow their lead and quite safe to my wrist because they let me know where to go if I am willing to listen. Don't listen and resist and it's quite rough on the body.

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