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Re: Kotegaishi weakness?

Craig Hocker wrote:
My experience is that we were doing kote-oroshi long before the name change from kote-gaeshi.
You are making assumptions that may or may not apply. Yes - you probably were doing kote-oroshi before the name change. That does not mean everyone else was, or is doing kote-gaeshi in the same manner.

A good example is what you mentioned later.
Craig Hocker wrote:
...Ideally, if kote-oroshi is done successfully, no slack develops, uke's balance is compromised, and the need for atemi does not arise...
What do you mean by slack? Of course I know what you're writing about since we both study the same style. But an average Aikikai student wouldn't. Since Aikikai is not a style but an organization, there are serious differences in the technical way techniques are executed.

What I'm really pointing out is the different experience between Shin Shin Toitsu Do and Aikikai Aikido. Trying to find a common ground and expressing that understanding seems insurmountable at times.

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