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Steve Kubien
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Re: Poll: How often do you strongly resist your partner's technique as uke during aikido training?

Coincidently, at our last training session our sensei explained something his sensei taught him along these lines. 1+9=10, 5+5=10, and 9+1=10. The principle, if I can explain it correctly, is that if uke puts in a "1" for force, you must use a force of "9" to make the technique work. If uke comes at you hard (a "9"), you should only need a small force ("1") for your technique to be effective.

In my limited experience (remember I'm a newbie) if my uke has a 'wet-noodle' feel to him/her, it becomes difficult to make the things work the way they should.

I really like my sensei's ability to explain things like this. I consider him a great teacher.

Steve Kubien
Renseikan Dojo
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