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Re: How is aikido related to your spiritual path?

Before I came to Aikido, I had studied Buddhist philosophy, a little bit, and was really starting to get into it. Then when I came to Aikido, I was thoroughly disgusted at such a... non-applicable style of fighting, and it wasn't for about a month that I decided taht I would throw away my preconcieved notions on what is and is not a martial art and see what this aikido guy was saying. So i went and started reading the Art of Peace in my school library and checking up on other sources. what I found amazed me. I had had it all wrong, coming at it from the wrong angle. Approaching Aikido with the aggression that is encouraged in other martial arts really is not the way to go. And reading the material, I found myself agreeing with Ueshiba. Well it wasn't long before I was gonna drop out of college and study Aikido full time. Well I didn't quit school, because i studied aikido with a school society, and going all the way down to the city everyday to study aikido would be too hard for me to do, plus I do kind of really like school. So as I thought my understanding of aikido, and Buddhism, was progressing, I came to realize that I had now over-assumed my knowledge and understanding, which was a very humbling experience for me. So I decided taht I would quit philosophizing about aikido techniques and really work hard to learn them properly and that my study of Buddhism would go beyond just sitting around and talking about it. So here I am a Sankyu (so you might realize that this has been a very short trip thus far) in Aikido and a Desciple of Grandmaster Wei Chueh.
hmmm... I need to learn how to tell stories.
So I'll tell a story that I read in a book called "Kodo: The ancient ways" I dont' remember who the author is.
And I wont tell the story very well either, so prepare yourself.

There was once a great Zen Master, who was also very fond of, and good at, Budo. So this Master built a dojo in his temple so taht he could practice and train other students. Well word of the master's skills got around and he became very famous, but very seldomly did he like to display his abilities.
So one day a Fierce looking Samurai came looking for a match with the master, who just so happened to be doing cleaning around the temple, thus wearing old worn out robes. When the Samurai saw the master, seeing the robes, he did not think that this could be the master, so he asked "Where is your master?" "He is not in today" said the master while picking up, with ease, a big rock so that he could clean around it. Seeing the strength of this person the samurai asked "Who are you?" "Me? I am I just a novice student of the master. But if you would like to cahllenge him, I'm sure that if you return tomorrow he will be more than glad to oblige you" giving no response the samurai took his leave, with nothing short of a hasty get away.

ok, so I am horrible at telling stories , but if you think the story looks like it might be interesting, check out that book.

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Wisdom is knowing the truth of dependent origin"
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