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Re: Poll: How often do you strongly resist your partner's technique as uke during aikido training?

doshu shintaku always tells us "try not to go".

the more someone resists the easier it is to use ki energy.
just relax and move.
ive noticed that the harder i resist the more it hurts,
or the faster im thrown.

the idea is to not use stregnth while executing technique, and preserve your stregnth,while the attacker wastes thiers.
when the attacker is the only one fighting,they start to fight themselves.

it is a constent fluxuation of relax and focus:

this has been described as a the shape of a lightning bolt.

\ = focus, | = relax.

uke resists, so nage relaxes,
this makes uke relax, then nage focuses.

it 's a combination of mental &physical in co-operation.

this is not an official teaching of doshu shintaku or ten shin ichi ryu(copyright), and i am solely responsable for its content.
if you wish to learn concepts of doshu please visit his website.

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