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Re: Poll: How often do you strongly resist your partner's technique as uke during aikido training?

When they ask for strength I give them strength. Some people like to train that way, and some people occasionally ask me to exert some muscle to test the beginnings of techniques...Like some of the smallest women in our Dojo that want to see if something will "work" against a large and strong male. Some people like to train with a lot of force involved, I try to give them what I can and still protect myself.

All of this is fun, especially when the technique works with no muscle on the other persons end, watching their eyes light up when a 4'11" person throws me when I am trying to grab them forcefully enough to hold them is wonderful! And most of the time they have to do this with flow and fluidity, in which case it feels a lot like an amusement park ride to me.

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