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Re: Real Realistic attack, really...

Boon wrote:
Nonetheless, it really made me wonder, should one, martial artist or not, voluntary risk his life for heroic deeds?
We are taught in the Marines never leave a man down. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to get myself or any of my men killed to do so. The nature of combat is such that -- and I hate to say it -- one dead Marine is a far better choice than a squad of mostly dead Marines.

This thread doesn't really focus on combat, but some of the stories that I've heard of combat are a lot friendlier than some of the streets I've been on in the US. And I have a lot more options in combat. If I can stop the fight, as an Aikidoka, a Marine, or just a good person I will and I have. However, IMHO I must be able to do this with minimum risk to myself and others. One dead is better than two. Sometimes that means crazy screaming runs, other times it means calling the cops. The situation dictates.

And yes, I wanna beat the horse too:

LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY. There is no quicker way to get real dead, real quick than to stay at the location of a fire fight... or any fight for that matter.

But what do I know, I'm just a white belt.
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