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Re: Real Realistic attack, really...

Nathan Gidney wrote:
I don't see why he didn't report the incident to the police. This is just comon sense.

I'm kind of curious as to where Xu was planning on taking this thread so im going to reserve any more comments untill i've heard the rest of what he has to say.
Ok, friend, I'll continue my story...

Why the poor samaritan did not contact police, I do not know, this incident was only based on what was reported in the press. Maybe he was ambushed, maybe he put up a heroic struggle, nobody know, he was found in a pile of blood at 5.00am the next day, unconscious. The newspaper stated that he received 36 slash wounds.

I have thought of asking following my first post, how one should handle the situation. Some sort of the incident post mortem. However, DaveO has provided ample debriefing. Thanks DaveO.

Nonetheless, it really made me wonder, should one, martial artist or not, voluntary risk his life for heroic deeds?

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