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Re: Poll: How often do you strongly resist your partner's technique as uke during aikido training?

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
Ummmm...what if we are not physically strong enough to "strongly resist"? I can't do that to most people in my dojo. But I can be really flexible and fluid, stay connected, and light where it won't work unless they properly control me. It's the opposite end of resisting by strength in my boat.
Actually Ann-Marie this is the best form of resistance imo. It negates the technique through relaxation, centering and not letting your balance be taken. A sensitive sense of touch and motion here is of great value.

This is how we practice during resistance randori. Strength and muscle resistance actually can make it much easier for one to be thrown as to do this the body goes into one of 2 modes - Tension of the limb to resist kansetsu waza, which means that the legs need to stay a bit relaxed to keep balance, this can be countered by attacking the body with a throw like irimi nage. The other option is where the upper body is tensed to avoid being thrown, in this case the arms need to relaxed to maintain balance, this can be countered by applying a joint technique. Relaxation and flowing with the technique allows neither of these openings. "Be like water" and all that - works like a charm.

As far as the poll question goes, we resist strongly (by tai sabaki and muscular resistance, not by trying to KO our partner) every class, going from light resistance to heavy during the course of kakari geiko to randori geiko.

Just my 2 cents.

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