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Re: Aikido cartoons

If you want to cut straight to the aikido movie, it's here:
(requires Flash -- and advert disclaimer: keep your mouse off the movie itself or else the marketing department try to brainwash you with the logo, sorry).

Credit where credit is due -- the animator isn't me, but a very talented friend called Rene -- he doesn't do aikido, but when I specced this one out for him, as well as miming it all, I put X, Y, and Z hints on the sketches I did for him. As you can see he thought they were funny/bizarre enough that he put them into the final cut If you scrunch your eyes up, you can see shihonage, sankyo, and kotegaeshi being applied (in that order), which correspond (roughly) to ukemi around the z, y, and x axes.

And you thought we just threw these cartoons together...
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