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Contact/Power - Examples

Contact / Power
I have heard and felt many types of contact and different types of power
I was wondering if you have come across any other types of contact/power usage.

Sticking contact - Tori seams to sticks to uke while performing a technique
i.e Wing Chun sticky hands, tai chi push hands
Containment - Tori contains uke between two points of contact while performing technique.
i.e. Holding uke and pressing like a Accordion
The 'brush off - Tori catches uke for a split second and sends uke on their way.
i.e. Skimming the surface of uke
Piercing Contact - Like Yah from Daito Ryu, (which means arrow). e.g. Tsuki with bokken.
Deflective/Union Contact -- Meeting uke contact and redirecting it.

There is other type of contact I have felt but remembering brings tears to my eyes!

Heavy Hand - Tori uses heavy hand to drop uke
Soft Projection - Kokyu throw which uke feels very little from tori in the throw
Hard Projection - Kokyu throw which uke feels the hardness of tori throw
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