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Re: Real Realistic attack, really...

I used my aikido the other day I decided to not be there.
I seen a man beating up a woman, pushing her against the wall and yelling.
I floored it in my car and chased down the nearest cop and directed him to the scene.

I avoided the fight and I got it broken up, I know the street it was on is famous for brutal stabbings and gangs.

I am afraid of this street because my friend was jumped and stabbed in the throat and face and beaten pretty close to death on this same street a few weeks ago. They also broke all his ribs on one side and kicked his teeth in. They were Native gang members, and they did it because he was white and in the wrong place at the wrong time. Worst of all they were only teenagers, two of them only 15 and one adult with them. I visited him in intensive care, and because of what I seen there was no way I was going to get out of my car on this street and stop the man from beating the woman. Sorry call me a pansy, but there is biker gangs, native gangs, and other gangs all down this street. Prostitutes all over... It's sad... And I don't care how much training I have, I'm not bringing my bare hands to a knife fight.
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