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Re: Real Realistic attack, really...

A sad story, but also an honourable one. I think we do what we have to at the time. People forget a heroic act always has the possibility of negative consequences. I would say this was a very selfless man who did the right thing and unfortuantely had to suffer for it. I just hope the perpetrators of this crime get to realise the impact they have made on this persons life.
I hate to say it; and don't mean to offend but bull.

This is a classic example of what not to do in a violent situation. The dude in question acted brave? Not the way I see it - he acted incredibly stupidly.

I grant you; he came to the defense of another. That is very much to be praised - too many would stand by and watch. But come on - everything he could've done to save himself he didn't do - in fact; everything he did more or less guaranteed he was going to get whacked.
'He challenged the bullies to a fistfight'.
OK - so he gave them the chance to fight him; rather than charging in shouting? Or rather; he gave them time to regroup, plan and prepare rather than taking the initiative, keeping it and forcing them off?

Very noble.

Also very, very dumb. There are too many 'what if's' here to list - what if they were armed? What if they took him up on it? What if they had backup? etc. - the list goes on. Regardless of training, one person cannot safely handle multiple attackers.
Taking the above rule into account; a loud charge to scatter them certainly would be in order; and would be a brave thing to do. Giving them a chance by saying 'fight me' isn't brave; it's just plain stupid.

Going on.... He helped the guy to a cab; paid his fare. Excellent - very generous. Then...he stuck around? Stayed in the area long enough for said hooligans to come back with said sword/machete? Oy vey!
As a soldier; he should have known better. Never ever ever ever remain in the vicinity after a violent encounter!!!!!!

The chance the 'losers' will return to get payback is far too high to consider yourself victorious. This is one of the reasons I maintain you can't win a violent encounter; you can only escape it. The encounter wasn't over when he chased them off. It hadn't even begun yet - if he'd spent a little more time thinking about the tactical situation and less about what a hero he was; he'd have realized the game was going into extra innings. As it was; all he did was make himself a big stationary target.
And don't for a second think that adequate training would help. They withdrew because the chance of their losing to him was nonzero - in other words; there was a chance (albeit a small one from what I see) that they could have been hurt attacking him. So - they left; and got what they needed to insure they would win. They got weapons; they could have got more - more weapons, more people. They could set up ambush. If they're bent on retaliation they will succeed; they'll make sure of it beforehand; a 10th dan can't do anything against a bullet or a knife in the shadows or - more commonly - someone running him down with a car.

Geez; what do you think drive-bys are? Random?

The only way to prevent the retaliation is to remove the target - which means leaving the area. Fast.

People can look at this story however they like; draw what conclusions they will. But if there's lessons to be learned from this; it's these:
1) Stepping in to help someone can be extremely costly; it is a brave thing to do so voluntarily knowing the risks. However; if you're going to do so do everything possible to limit the risk to yourself.

2) Act with honour at all times; but do not let your honour blind you to the fact the agressor will not act with honour.

3) Always vacate the vicinity after a violent encounter.

That one is critical - they all are; but if you think of nothing else; think of that one.

Always leave after a violent encounter.
Always leave after a violent encounter.
Always leave after a violent encounter.
Remember that, everyone. Memorize it; burn it into your subconcious. If he'd done that; he'd be uninjured now.

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