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Real Realistic attack, really...

Dear friends,

Just yesterday, my national press carried a little sad story.
This is how it went...

An amateur competitive boxer who is also in the army whilst off duty decided to help an innocent man. The innocent man was ganged up and beaten by a group of 3-4 hooligans. This incident happened in the town that I live. He managed to stop the fight by challenging the bullies to a fist fight. The story continues that the bullies decided to leave. The good samaritan then help pay the traumatised victim'c cab fare and send him on his way.

Later, the bullies return with machete/sword. They gang up and attacked the poor soldier. The newspaper also non-specifically stated that the good samaritan also does other martial art.

The poor soul was found in a pile of blood and he survived the attack. However, he is blind in one eye and both his hands are no longer usable as the tendons were severly damaged by the blade attack.

One suspect was arrested and the local police were positive that more arrest will follow soon. However the press also encourages the member of public to donate money to his family as he is from a poor social-economic background.

Sorry got to go now, I will continue thisstory again the next day.


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