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Re: Article: Transmission in Aikido by George S. Ledyard

George S. Ledyard wrote:
The Founder was quite clear that each individual had to find his own Aikido once the original transmission of the essential principles had taken place.
I think that idea is and always was a part of teacher-student relationship before and now. At some point student always was encouraged to search his own path, to improvise around the core of the teaching he learned.
The problem I think is that now we have little time to spend with high-quality (if I may say that way) teachers due to great number of students. That's the price we pay. Quantity-quality law.
On the other hand in the old times these ways have been a privilege of very few people and by publishing them humanity as overall gained opportunities to learn more.
Anyway, the only way I can see is to concentrate as much as possible on the teaching during those short periods we have to spend with our teachers and try to absorb every drop of knowledge they are willing to pass.

Right now my teachers avoid any spiritual discussions. Therefore I also avoid questioning about it. Hopefully they start talking when we are ready.

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