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Re: Article: Transmission in Aikido by George S. Ledyard

David Valadez wrote:
However, for the most part, the institutional framework of Aikido politics will tend to support the deshi that comes to teachers with never wanting to think for themselves. This is the point of all institutional frameworks. In time then, as we can already see to a certain degree, that institutional framework will come to support not thinking for oneself, a turning away from self-attained wisdom, and even the absence of mastery. dmv
I agree, David. That is why I made the point in my article that Organizations (or styles) don't do transmission. When the point becomes slavish adherence to certain ways of outer forms or stylistic details rather than individual attainment of internal insights O-Sensei's vision of Aikido can't be realized. The Founder was quite clear that each individual had to find his own Aikido once the original transmission of the essential principles had taken place.

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