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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Hiroshi Kato, 8th dan in Houston,Tx

The day is drawing close for our seminar. Shihan Kato will be in Houston next week resting and then will be on to a seminar south of us. He will return for our Houston seminar which begins on October the 7th. We have secured the use of a gymnasium so there is still plenty of room. So far, friends are coming from the Houston area and various parts of Texas. A few will be here from as far as Chicago and one from Hawaii. Some of these are folks who realize that the students who saw and trained with O Sensei are slipping away from us and don't want to miss this opportunity. There are also several of Kato sensei's students from Japan planning to make this trip so we are looking forward to extending our aiki friendship to them as well. If you are thinking of making this seminar, please preregister on the website and we will send you an information packet.
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