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Re: Aikido on a wasp

Tatiana van der Merwe wrote:
They keep the cocroach population down... LOL! Here in S.P Brazil, we need them/! LOLpitty they're too few...
Ah, right, they do have a purpose. Perhaps we should send you some of ours?

What do you think O'Sensei was doing when he was swinging a bokken around. Get enough accuracy with that thing and wasps become a thing of the past and your lampshades are never touched.
I discovered that a 30cm (or for the traditional practioners 12 inch) rule is not as good as 30p green fly swat shaped like a big hand. Now, if I swung a bokken I would have no lampshades and lots of broken furniture? Or is that the next level to achieve in wasp aikido?
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