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Charles Hill
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Re: Article: Transmission in Aikido by George S. Ledyard

In a lot of the literature describing the "transmission" type of education, the student seems to be left on his or her own to figure out what they have to do. Similarly, many of the Shihan from the days of the founder actually spent little time with him. Also, old films show many of them to have rather inferior technique compared to what they can do now. I think that they, like the founder, took what they could understand from their teacher over a short time and have spent a lifetime working on it. Also, I feel that the main master-student relationship in the founder`s life was definitely with Onisaburo Deguchi, not Sokaku Takeda. The founder studied Deguchi`s book "Reikai Monogatari" his whole life. He seems to have had left Daito Ryu and Takeda`s teachings behind rather early on. This says to me that to the founder, Aikido was not a martial art but a spiritual practice that used a martial art as its basis.

Also, if I remember correctly, Vimalakirti was a student of the Buddha, although a lay student.

Charles Hill
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